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Frequently Asked Questions

Disaster Aid Questions

Once your aid request is submitted, it could take up to 7 days to hear back from a Claim Specialist about your request. We may contact you for additional information or to fund your claim.
If you need a status on your existing disaster aid claim, please email us at and a claim specialist will reach out as soon as possible.
Financial Assistance
Immediately after approval of aid, you will receive either a physical of digital Visa gift card with the amount of aid requested.
You may also accept a physical check in the mail in lieu of this gift card, this may take up to 5 business days to receive.
Grocery Assistance
For grocery or supply assistance, we will coordinate with you and a local grocer to deliver you groceries or supplies that you requested.
We may also provide a gift card so you can directly shop at your local grocer.
Travel Assistance
Travel assistance aid delivery will depend based on the disaster, the request, and available funding. We will reach out once your application is processed with information.
The Hurricane Corporation continuously monitors weather and other disasters across the country. Once determined we can support families of a specific disaster, we will begin accepting submissions for aid. This process could take up to a week after a disaster. You may also contact us by email at if you need immediate assistance.
Due to funding availability and so we can support all families, we will only accept one request per disaster. You may email your claim specialist if you need expanded relief.
All disaster relief aid funds are sent as a grant, no repayment is necessary. You may however consider donating to The Hurricane Corporation so we can continue to provide disaster support. To donate visit

Donor Questions

The Hurricane Corporation uses several methods to accept donations. This includes credit card, check, and. wire transfer. You can visit with information on how you can give hope to disaster victims.
Your donation will go immediately in to use by providing hope to disaster victims all across the country. Your donation may go to a specific disaster or to our general relief fund. But reassured, your donation will be used to help families that need a shining light of hope.
The Hurricane Corporation is always looking for corporate and local sponsors to help us provide disaster assistance. Email us at for information on hopefully long-lasting partnership.
The Hurricane Corporation offers refunds up to 48 hours after a donation. If you need assistance, please email us at and we will be in touch soon.