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The Hurricane Corporation provides support to people affected by disasters big and small. These services include financial assistance as well as providing supplies and groceries to those in need. 

Financial Support

If a family is in need of financial support, we may provide support in ways of a prepaid debit card that will be loaded with the approved assistance grant.  We may also send a check to the family in need in lieu of a  prepaid debit card.

Grocery and Supplies

We partner with many suppliers and grocers across the country. If a disaster victim requests groceries or supplies, we may be able to get those supplies and groceries directly delivered to the family in need. If we are not able to provide the supplies directly, we will supply gift cards to local grocery and supply stores.

Travel Assistance

In the event of a major disaster where evacuation might be needed, we may be able to provide travel assistance by ground or air travel. This type of request is granted on a case-by-case basis.